National Physical Laboratory

Exploring New Frontiers

What makes a kilogram a kilogram? Or a meter a meter?


These are some of the puzzling and unthought-of questions that can only be answered at the world leading National Physical Laboratory, based at Bushy Park in Teddington.


Master’s of measurement and the gate keepers to modern society’s International System of Units, the NPL’s work underpins everything from the food industry to space science and the stock market.

Spanning nanotechnology, quantum science, nuclear physics and metrology, ‘New Frontiers’ celebrates the start of one of the UK’s most innovative scientific partnerships; formed between the University of Surrey and the National Physical Laboratory.


This collaboration promises to push the boundaries of technology, opening up new realms of innovation, to discover what lies beyond our understanding of science.

I love the film, it has a lot of character and energy. You've done a brilliant job!

Linford Miles

Film Producer at the University of Surrey

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National Physical Laboratory + The University of Surrey



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