The Beaumont Hotel

Writing a Guestbook

The Beaumont is a multi-award winning 5 star hotel in Mayfair London, and one of the top 5 in the country.


Although steeped in history and undeniably home to some of the best suites, food and drink the world has to offer, The Beaumont has created is own unique definition of luxury: customer service.


It is a belief in care, attention to detail and respect. To create a brand that means no matter who you are, where you come from of what you do at The Beaumont, you can expect the world’s very best treatment

It is this unparalleled understanding of customer service that gave us the foundation of our film ‘The Guestbook’.


Our short film, which hand draws hotel reviews onto screen through innovative filmmaking techniques, puts The Beaumont’s money where its mouth is and proudly shares the customer reviews at the heart of what they do.

Working with renowned illustrator and artist, Ros Wyatt, we developed a number of typographic styles, matched to a series of inks, nibs and paper stocks.


Each of these reviews where then captured through a glass table, and composited into The Beaumont Hotel itself.

Emmy Award winning composer Michael Price, who recently scored the BBC’s iconic Sherlock Holmes series, was then commissioned to adapted his powerful track ‘I Will, For You’, to provide the perfect musical accompaniment.


Finally, the entire film was colour graded and finished by Soho’s UNIT post house.

The final film is currently behind shown around the world at exhibitions and events, as well as across The Beaumonts website and social media channels.

Thank you everyone. We are delighted with the final result!

Jannes Soerensen

General Manager

Wander Studio Ltd

The Beaumont

Rose Enright

Benson Neilan

Post Production
Unit, London.

Michael Price