The University of Surrey

Building a New Generation

5G is not the next generation of mobile internet. It is the next communication standard.


It is a blank canvas for new ideas, stretching beyond super fast speed and seamless reliability, into a new realm of unbound creativity and breakthrough technologies. A special generation, made great not by what it is, but by how we use it.

The Fifth Generation¬†was a major series of short documentaries that tells the story of the incoming 5G technology and how the University of¬†Surrey, home to the world’s leading 5G Innovation Centre, is leading the race to get us there.



The Fifth Generation spoke to everybody from director’s of global telecommunication companies, to UK Ministers and world leading experts.


Everybody had their say: PhD students, Regius Professors, technology experts and of course, the general public. With the series also featuring industry partners such as Huawei, Bosh, BT, DoubleMe, The National Archive, Rocket Desk and the NHS.


It is a cohesive, expert and exciting insight into what will come to be reality from 2020 and beyond.


Featured technologies included 4D virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, machine learning, Blockchain and Smart Health, focusing on the human centred stories at the hearth of each.

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