Understanding the dangers of diabetes

My professional relationship with the NHS started over 10 years ago, and has spanned a wide variety of films, documentaries and animations.

Our goal is as simple as it is ambitious, to combine personal storytelling with practical knowledge, in order to raise awareness around the dangers of diabetes and obesity.

George and his work far surpassed our expectations!

Michael Bonar

Creative Director, NHS

Together, we’ve reached out nationwide through dozens of films and across several languages.


Working with doctors, paramedics, patients, researchers and nutritionists to build a large, multifaceted and online resource of knowledge, designed to answer the questions and allay the fears of those newly diagnosed with diabetes.

To date, our partnership has impacted the lives of over 200,000 newly diagnosed patients and continues to expand and grow in strength, with several exciting projects on the horizon.

Proof Studio Ltd / Wander Studio Ltd

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