The 5G Innovation Centre

Understanding 5G

Working with illustrator Dave Cuvelot, musician  Mark Hills and VO talent, Cia Allan, I wrote and directed an ongoing series of short films that will help introduce the world to 5G, the next generation of mobile network.

Commissioned by the 5GIC, the world’s leading 5G research centre, these 8 films  each feature a different aspect of the technology, and will be screened to a multitude of audiences over the next 5 years.


This includes 1-to-1 demos with global CEOs and telecom business leaders, presentations in front of government ministers and public figures, as well of course to members of the general public.

In order to talk to this disparate set of audiences, we developed an informative yet friendly filmmaking style, marrying several assets such as infographics, filmed demonstrations, Skype interviews, narrative animation and scripted voice overs.

Short, functional and enlightening, whilst retaining an element of playfulness, our aesthetic style explores a set of visual tools that one day could become the language of 5G.

Having worked with the 5GIC for 4 years, I continue to collaborate with the centre and its partners. Working together to understand the innovative technology from a creative viewpoint, and helping them develop a suite of communications to be used during its 2020 roll out.

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Black Magic Cinema

Dave Cuvelot

Cia Allen

Mark Hills