James Randolf Rogers

Capturing the Creative Process

In December 2017, Wander was approached by renowned artist and craftsman James Randolf Rogers, and invited to spend the day in his studio; capturing his artistic process, his work and the spaces around him.

Forming a new and exciting working relationship, Wander and James continue to collaborate, discussing work and future projects together.

Using century’s old techniques, James painstakingly restores and recreates original wallpapers from the 1700’s. Unique in his entirely handmade approach, James is through to be the only artist doing what he does.

Working alongside business partner Benson Neilan, we captured a variety of still and moving image content, to be used to promote James, his brand and to launch his new 2018 website.

Looks great!!! I really do appreciate all your work, it's amazing and very excited to see the next stage. Thank you so much.

James Randolf Rogers


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James Randolf Rogers

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